Keeping yourself safe

Before attending an AquaPaddle, please familiarise yourself with the Route Description and Risk Assessment. These are linked to all the location pages. Each Location has it’s own and are a good source of information, not only for safety, but what to look out for as well.

What you need for an AquaPaddle

Kit list for participants

  • AquaPaddle Number
  • Buoyancy Aid
  • Leash if on a SUP
  • Whistle
  • Change of clothes

Buoyancy Aid

A Buoyancy Aid is essential. It should be a standard Buoyancy Aid or Personal Floatation Device. If you are an experienced paddler, the an inflatable one that is worn on a belt would be allowed. It would be a self inflating type, but manual ones would be allowed.

SUP Leash

All Paddle Boarders must have a waterway appropriate leash. If in doubt, wear a quick release wait belt leash. Ankle leashes should be avoided at all times. Safety first. Even a lake on a windy day can be dangerous with an ankle leash.


And always carry a Whistle that works in water with you.

AquaPaddle Event Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer

Please familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions