General FAQs

I’ve never paddled before and don’t have a paddle board, boat or equipment, can I still join in? AquaPaddle is for those who can paddle and control their craft. so in this instance, it is best to get some training from a verified and experienced club or coaching organisation.
How do I join an event? You will need to sign up for AquaPaddle. Please read the information on the Get Started page and follow the link. Once you have signed up you can then register for an event.
How can I arrange a paddling team building event for my company or organisation? You can arrange a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) session or sessions through our BlueSpace Packages programme. We will be rolling out an integrated system later this Spring. In the meantime, please contact us via the website.
How do I get my AquaPaddle number? When you sign-up to AquaPaddle, you will already be on the AquaPaddle App. This has a different, basic look and feel than the website. In the top-right of the App is a little person icon. Click on the icon – Click on Profile. You will then see your AquaPaddle Number or Tag in large letters in the middle of the page.
Can I have a personalised bib number? Soon, is the short answer, we will be announcing when you can buy your own personalised AquaPaddle Number. But until then, not at the moment.

If you would like to sponsor the work to make this happen faster then please get in touch. The funds raised through the Personalised AquaPaddle Numbers will help fund the charity's activities. So your sponsorship will generate a lot more money for the charity and help lots of people with mental and physical health needs.
How often do AquaPaddle events take place? AquaPaddles generally take place once a month at most Locations. Some locations can run every 2 weeks. But it all depends on the Volunteer Crew available to run the events. If you would like to volunteer, please get in contact.
How long does it take to complete an AquaPaddle? The fastest time is just under 30 minutes and the longest on the sea on a windy day was over 2 hours. Most regular AquaPaddlers complete an inland route in about an hour, give or take 10 minutes.
How far is an AquaPaddle? All AquaPaddles are 5 kilometres. That might be a single looped route or a route that the AquaPaddlers need to do a number of laps. However, since boats and especially boards tend to yaw from side to side, the distance can be a little further in reality.
Do you stop for breaks on an AquaPaddle? No, most AquaPaddlers generally don’t stop for breaks. However, there is nothing to stop you taking a “breather” or having a drink. But I think the Crew might give you a lot of encouragement to continue or retire, if you decided to have a picnic.
Can I use my inflatable dinghy/lilo/air-bed/unicorn? Generally no, as the craft would have to meet the safety standards for the event and not cause a hazard to the other waterway users or the crew. Most of the inflatables would not be suitable for a regular AquaPaddle. Inflatable Kayak and Canoes, that are designed to be paddled on longer journeys are acceptable. These have to be fully inflated and inspected to ensure they are safe.
How do I cancel my event registration? Sign in to your AquaPaddle account – Click on the little person icon, top right – Click on Registrations – Find the AquaPaddle from the list – Click on the “Cancel Registration” button – Y Your Registration has been removed. If you Cancel the wrong AquaPaddle, simply re-register for the AquaPaddle.
Can I take part without a bib? Yes, but you need to create your own waterproof number that can be seen from the shore. Details of how to do this are available on the Get Started page – Click Here
Can I join your mailing list? Yes, just click here to sign up. If you no longer want to receive email from us, just simply unsubscribe.
How do I volunteer for AquaPaddle? Yes, anyone can volunteer for AquaPaddle. Please contact us via the website and we will put you in touch with the right person depending on what you would like to do. Click here to read more about Volunteering.

  • Even if you are not a Paddler, you can volunteer for shore-based roles.
  • If you are a paddler, then we will put you in touch with your local AquaPaddle Captain.
  • If you are a Paddle Leader, Instructor or Coach, you can, after successful training, become an AquaPaddle Captain yourself.
  • You can also Volunteer to help with Fundraising or publicity.
Do I need a licence? Generally Yes, unless at an AquaPaddle on the open sea. Most waterways, including harbours and estuaries, have some form of licencing in place. Always check with the local AquaPaddle Crew on the Discord Comms App as to what licence you need. Membership in various Paddle organisations gives license cover for various waterways. Please read the details as to what they cover.

Can I hire an paddle board / kayak / canoe?
  • AquaPaddle as an organisation doesn’t hire any equipment.
  • Some of the AquaPaddle Captains and Crew know of local hire firms that can supply craft. Please contact them through the Discord Comms App.
  • You must be able to paddle safely the craft you hire and bring along to an AquaPaddle.
How do I delete my account Due to the way the system is built, with your data embedded into finished results, you account cannot be totally deleted in a technical sense. However, you can remove all your personal data, by changing your Name to "AquaPaddler" and your email to "[email protected]". The reset of the information can be deleted and then finally click the save button. Once this is done you will be forgotten by the system.