Custom AquaPaddle Numbers

Introducing Custom AquaPaddle Number (AP Number) – the ultimate way to personalise your AquaPaddle experience and make a bold statement on the water. Choose a unique combination of letters and numbers to have you own custom number, you can have the perfect AquaPaddle Number to reflect your personality, interests, or profession. Whether you’re a paddler looking to stand out from the pack or wanting to have some fun with the number when taking part in and AquaPaddle, Custom AP Numbers offer a versatile solution that captures attention wherever you go. 

With our seamless ordering system, you can quickly and easily transform your AquaPaddle experience into a true reflection of your unique style and identity. Don’t settle for ordinary – elevate your paddling experience with AquaPaddle Numbers today. The cost is £20 per year for standard AP Numbers for Premium AP numbers the cost is £35 per year.

As part of the launch of Friends of AquaPaddle and Custom AP Numbers we are offering a couple of discount options. If you just want the Custom AP Number we are offering 25% off for the life of the subscription, however, if you would like to become a Friend of AquaPaddle we are offering a 50% discount of your Custom AP Number, for the life of the subscription. Details available once you have subscribed to being a Friend of AquaPaddle.

Choose and Subscribe to you Personal AquaPaddle Number

Introductory Offer Discount Code – APNUMBER25

See below for a sample list of the Premium AP Numbers

Bid Front

Most numbers are available; however, some are banned for obvious reasons and some we are holding back as they are premium, and we will be releasing these later. The premium list includes the following. 

The Numbers will be released on an annual subscription basis that is automatically renewed so that you don’t lose your favourite number. If you decide to cancel your AquaPaddle Number subscription, you will automatically be allocated a new AP Number at the end of the subscription period, and all your results will be attached to the new AP Number. You will be reminded and notified about renewals and Tag Number changes. 

Choose and Subscribe to you Personal AquaPaddle Number

A Sample selection of Premium AP Numbers