AquaPaddle BlueSpace

AquaPaddle is The Paddle Sport Charity. It has the aim of bringing paddle sports to those communities who would really benefit from being out on the water for Physical and Mental Health reasons. Our events are free at the point of use and so provide wonderful opportunities for any paddler to experience that very special sense of peace and calm that comes from spending time on the water.

The BlueSpace sessions are aimed at those in need who could benefit from the healing and calming effects of being out on the open water. We work with many organisations to provide our BlueSpace activities and if you are organisation that is interested in supporting our programme of activities, please contact us here. We are not able to work with sole individuals at this time.
We have worked with the Dost Group, Surrey Care Trust and Surrey & Sussex Police giving their Officers and Staff free sessions to help with their Mental and Physical Wellbeing.

We have received grant funding which we use to provide Free-of-Charge sessions. However, since we need to pay for professional coaches and maintain equipment, there is a constant need for additional funds.
We continue to apply for funds from a wide selection of organisations and grant giving bodies. Since there is a lot of strain on these organisations, they can not help all the charities they would like. We are finding new and innovative was to raise funds, such as our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) BlueSpace Packages. and the AquaPaddle Adventures.

BlueSpace Packages

The BlueSpace Packages are available for any business, large or small to book their staff on a BlueSpace Session. The focus can be Mental or Physical Health or a mix. For every two of these sessions sold, we aim to provide a Free-of-Charge session to someone in need. Typically, these packages are sold for groups of 6 people, which provides funds for 3 sessions for people in need. For more information, please contact us.

AquaPaddle Adventures

The AquaPaddle Adventures are aimed at the tourist market to help raise funds for the Charity. It will be on the same basis as the BlueSpace Packages, two Adventures pays for one Free-of-Charge sessions for someone in need. These Adventures will be paddle tours round the Delivery Partners local area, with the aim to show the Natural and Cultural History of those areas. For more information, please contact us.

How you can help

Fundraising – This can be a sponsored event or activity
Giving time – Volunteering to help with Grant Applications
Spreading the word – Talking to friends and family about AquaPaddle and how they might be able to help, either with money or time.
Donations – we have several ways to donate. We have text numbers that give fixed amounts to help us. these are the details

5AQUA to 70085
10AQUA to 70085
20AQUA to 70085

Or you could making a donation.

The Charity was approved by the Charities Commission in June 2021