A scenic paddle along the River Tawe


The River Tawe is a lovely river to paddle and a great location for AquaPaddle Swansea. The route is either paddled Upstream or Downstream depending on river flow and tide. It passes by Hills and Historic Mills, City Bridges and Fancy new Urban Apartments. It has everything you would need on a paddle all in a short space. One to visit and check off your list.

Remember that BlueSpaces are good for your mental health. This is part of AquaPaddles Charitable remit. Being on an AquaPaddle helps you to be healthier, both in Body and Mind.

The Crew at Swansea is led by our Patron, Emily King. She has a great crew of volunteers, plus she is one of our training centres for new AquaPaddle Captains. If you are interested in setting up your own local AquaPaddle in Wales and West Country, just contact Emily through the Discord Comms System or email AquaPaddle

There is a great AquaPaddle community in the Swansea area, with several paddle board and canoe clubs coming together to get involved in the event. The Tawe is wide at this point, so there is room for all types of paddler, regardless of their experience. Please remember to bring your Buoyancy Aid.

For all AquaPaddlers, if not “Pushing for a Time”, there is a chance to enjoy the environment and chat to others. Maybe pick up a few tips from the Captain, the Crew, who will always encourage you. Or from other AquaPaddlers. We can generally learn or experience something new when out on the water.

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On site facilities


There is free parking at the meeting point, please park considerately as it is not a huge car park.


There are no facilities at the meeting point, but there is the Morfa Shopping Park close by with cafes, restaurants and public toilets.

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