Corporate Social Responsibility

AquaPaddle has many ways in which you can help you help the community around you. Whether this is by supporting the BlueSpace sessions or helping to grow the network of AquaPaddle locations by providing the equipment they need to run the free AquaPaddles 5K events.

Sponsor BlueSpace

AquaPaddle offers you the ability to sponsor an individual or group of people on a BlueSpace session. These paddlesport sessions are for people who would not be able to take part in these beneficial activities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances. Paddle sports are easy to learn, and rapidly provides a feeling of confidence and physical and mental wellbeing in a calm environment on the water.  We will engage our target audience through local community groups and charities. These groups will be contacted through our social engagement team.

BlueSpace Sessions

Sponsor an individual or a few individuals on a BlueSpace session – £50 per individual

Donate to support an individual

Sponsor a group on a BlueSpace session or series of sessions – £250 for a group of 6 people

Donate to support a Group

Equipment for AquaPaddle 5K events

The Mental Health benefits of AquaPaddle are beginning to be understood more as we run weekly across the country. Giving people the opportunity to paddle in or on any watercraft, at a pace of their choosing, with the safety wrapper we put around the event, is immensely reassuring for those who are unsure to join in. The reward when they complete an event is immense and we can grow this free mental health help with your support.

You can support one location or multiple locations. Or you can support the purchase of 1 radio or a set of Crew T-shirts.

Support the purchase of a Location Equipment Set – £2000 per set

Donate to help buy equipment set

Support the purchase of Waterproof Radios – £50 each

Donate to help buy radios

Support the purchase of Defibrillators – £800 each

Donate to help buy defibrillators