A Springtime Celebration on the River Tawe

Tuesday 21 Mar 2023 | by Emily King

Mother’s Day AquaPaddle

As spring blossomed and the rhythmic pecking of woodpeckers filled the air, enthusiastic paddlers gathered for this month’s Mother’s Day AquaPaddle in Swansea. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the River Tawe, participants eagerly prepared for the 5km challenge ahead.

Swansea Safety Briefing

The weather was incredibly kind to us, with the sun shining brightly and a gentle breeze setting the perfect stage for the event. Paddlers were thrilled to finally shed their gloves and hats, embracing the warmth and pleasant atmosphere brought by the arrival of spring.

With the sharp whistle from the timekeeper, the paddlers began their journey downstream towards Swansea Marina. Supportive crew members were interspersed among the participants, offering encouragement and cheers as they navigated the serene waters. The tranquil, glassy surface made for an enjoyable and smooth ride before the group turned back towards the stadium.

Paddlers made impressive time, with several achieving personal bests. The physical exertion of the challenge had everyone feeling warm and invigorated, their wetsuits trapping the heat generated by their efforts.

We extend our heartfelt thanks and a warm welcome to everyone who attended the Mother’s Day Aqua Paddle in Swansea. Your enthusiasm and camaraderie made it a truly memorable day!

Looking forward to our next event, the Wales AquaPaddle will take place on the 23rd of April at Swiss Valley Reservoir. This exhilarating challenge will feature a 5-loop course, adding an extra layer of excitement for all participants. Don’t miss out—book your spot now!